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Houston escort Beatrice

Name: Beatrice
Age: 26
Height: 5ft 5inch
Weight: 113
Bust: C-Cup
Hair: Blonde
Languages: English



Hello there! Do you love blonde women? I know gentleman love blonde women and the opposite is true. Blonde women love gentlemen. Do you consider yourself a gentleman? If that is the case, then you’re at the right place to meet your ideal blonde woman who will satisfy all your manly desires. My name is Beatrice your perfect blonde escort whenever you want a great time. I’ve been an escort for some time now and know exactly what brings men the escorts. I know your needs and best placed to handle them in a professional way. I work as an escort full-time and assure you of a great time in the city. At 26 years old, I’m quite experienced compared to the rookies who are just starting. Do you need experience? If yes, then book me right away and I will show you what you’ve been missing all your life. I consider myself a master in the art of pleasuring men.

Do not be afraid to put in any requests as I have had many and handled them in the best way possible. I’m a C-cup bust woman with well-managed weight at 113 lbs. I’m physically fit and healthy and love to work out during my free time. Do you any workout ideas we can do in our room? I’ll be more than glad to learn a few tricks from you. However, that is not all about me. Do you want to know more? Hire me today and you will be amazed at how good I can get.